PHLINKS- V&A photos, vintage Halloween & a bad cop

{Found and Photographed: Baseballs at Barrett Park}

Freelance photographer Don Hamerman photographs items, mostly used baseballs, found on a baseball field near his home in Stamford, Connecticut. In his series called “My Found Baseballs,” Hamerman features balls found “along the edges of the field, under leaves and behind bushes. One ball looks like a satellite view of a green earth, with the moss shaped like the land masses of the western hemisphere, in reverse.”


{Britain’s photographic revolution & V&A’s new photo gallery}

With instutions such as the V&A embracing photography with a new gallery, four leading curators from the V&A, the Photographers’ Gallery, Tate Modern and the Media Space talk about the state of the photography in Britain and its place in culture.



{ACLU sues Sheriff’s Department, alleges photographers were harassed}

In an incident captured on video, Professional photographer Shawn Nee was detained and searched Oct. 31, 2009, for shooting images at the turnstiles of the Los Angeles subway system. A deputy apparently grabbed Nee warning him that photography was prohibited at the station because it is a potential terrorist target and he threatened to forward Nee’s name to counter-terrorism to be added to a hit list.


{Vintage Halloween Photos Creepy Enough For David Lynch}

A new book called “Haunted Air” contains dozens of super eerie anonymous, vintage Halloween photos, dating between 1875 and 1955. Perfect for inspiring a new generations of scary kids. It evens has an introduction by David Lynch himself!


{When the City Was a House of Horrors}

As its All Hallows Eve and I’m going to NYC in a few days, I thought this photo essay on 70′s era New York rather fitting.

Photographer John Conn spent the late 1970s and early 1980s documenting the New York subway system, spending hours at a time with his Hasselblad and a knife for protection. His images show the darkest side of the underground during the period when the Son of Sam killer roamed the streets and fear spread throughout the city like a virus Conn captured the madness in black and white.

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